We need your help to make this camp a success! There are many roles to be filled and different skill sets to bring to the table. Whether you're an aspiring mathematician, an undergraduate interested in math, a professional in a mathematical field, or just someone who thinks math is cool - if you're excited about encouraging girls to explore their potential, we can use your help! Volunteers can be any gender, but we will be prioritizing female volunteers for direct roles with campers.


Before the camp takes place there is a large amount of planning tasks to be dealt with. We need help in organizing the logistics, planning activities for students, obtaining the material for the camp, ordering food, etc.

The volunteer roles available before camp are:

  • FOOD COORDINATOR: we will have ice cream on the first friday and lunch catered as part of a last day celebration. The food coordinator will be in charge of making sure the food gets to the campers on time, planning for snacks throughout the camp, and last day of camp party.
  • SUPPLY COORDINATOR: responsible for organizing the material to be distributed to the students on the first day, flyers, and supplies for activities.
  • ACTIVITY COORDINATOR: responsible for organizing of camp games and extra-curricular activities (non-math centered).


Throughout the two weeks of camp (June 17-21 & 24-28) there are many roles needed to make everything run smoothly. You do not need to be available all day everyday to be able to help!

The volunteer roles during camp are:

  • TEAM LEADER: This is our most hands-on volunteer role. Team leaders will be assigned to one or two groups of 5 campers. Their role is to answer campers' questions about the math in their problem sets (each group will be working on one problem set). They will be asked to go through each problem set for their groups in full before the start of camp. Ideally team leaders would be able to be at camp full time for both weeks. However, we realize that this level of time commitment may be impossible for many volunteers. If you are interested in being a team leader but unable to be present for all of camp, please still indicate your interest in the role.
  • FOOD COORDINATOR: We will be providing lunch throughout camp to those who have requested it and will have lunch catered as part of a last day celebration. The food coordinator will be in charge of making sure the food gets to the campers on time.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: The photographer will take pictures of various games, activities, panels, and work the campers take part in throughout the two weeks. The photographer may also be asked to assist in recording some lectures and panels that will take place during the camp.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Girls Talk Math has Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Having these active during the camp weeks is a great way to share what we're doing. The social media volunteer will help update these accounts throughout the camp.
  • PODCAST LIASON: Your job would be to help the girls record their podcast and help us produce them.