The Girls Talk Math Program

The Program

Girls Talk Math is a two-week summer program for rising 9th - 12th graders interested in mathematics. During the program you will have several goals:

  • To work in a team through a packet on a particular topic of mathematics.
  • To write a blog post about what you learned from the material.
  • To present a talk with your group on your material.
  • To research and record a podcast about an influential woman in mathematics.

Our expectations for the applicants and parents are the following:

  • Online application filled out with the interest paragraph written by the potential participant.
  • Upon acceptance: $25 acceptance fee, release forms, and health forms turned in by the requested deadline.
  • You must provide or authorize daily transportation to and from the program. This is not a residential program. They are expected to attend the full program as the schedule is tight and seats are limited.
  • Lunch should be sent with the participant (we do have a fridge and microwave) or accomodations requested if needed. Optional low-cost lunch plan can be pre-ordered before the start of the camp.
  • Participant must come with their enthusiam for math and learning!

The program begins with a first day of activities, introduction to the topics, and topic selection. On the second day, you are assigned your topic and female mathematican to research. In 2019, topics included Cryptography, Quantum Mechanics, Number Systems, Graph Theory/Networks, Surface Classification, Patterns & Fractals, Number Theory, and Finance. The packets are designed to be self-contained with intermediate exercises to test your knowledge. The daily schedule for the rest of the week will be typical of that of an undergraduate student. You will have occasional lectures and workshops, but most of the time will be groupwork periods where you will have to divide your work between the material and the podcast.

During this groupwork periods, you will work towards your goals. There will be volunteer team leader for each group of 5 who is happy to help answer questions about the topic. This is similar to how we have tutoring for classes on campus.

There will be 30-minute mini-lectures on the material and introductions to podcast recording. The recording will take place in the first half of the second week of the program using the campus library facilities. You are free to do your own edits or otherwise, at least provide instructions to the producers.

The last day will be a special day full of math and celebration. In the morning, you will present in your groups to your family and peers what you learned over the two-week period.

Afterwards we will celebrate with a party with all the students and volunteers. There will be lunch and cake. We culminate the day with a scavengar hunt, using all the mathematical tools you have learned during the week.

More activities include panels, lab tours, ice cream party, and special speakers. Please check out the blog posts on our webpage or our soundcloud page to hear some podcasts. Apply next summer to come join us!